40 300x250 What are your requirements for a mining job?A miner is a professional who is responsible for removing minerals and other resources from the earth. A potentially hazardous job, this is an occupation requiring physical endurance from who engage in it. As a result, there are specific technical and qualitative requirement that any individual might comprise of before being considered for any recruitment or selection.

Willingness to Work in Dangerous Environments-

Mining is dangerous and so are mining sites. Miners are exposed to a variety of toxins and gasses that can have the potential to have fatal side effects in the mining sites. Additionally, it is not unheard of for mine shafts to implode or collapse, effectively burying working miners alive. The use of explosives, underground mining processes, mishandling of equipment’s and so on. Safety has always been a major concern in the employers in the mining industry but apart from all these efforts still there are chances for accidents and risks. So anyone who has a particular interest in joining this industry must have the willingness to work in such working environments.

79 300x250 What are your requirements for a mining job?The Ability to Learn Things Quickly-

The mining industry requires skill and knowledge. Currently many training providers and organizations related with mining industry have understood the need for proper technical education on mining jobs but apart from the theoretical knowledge grasped through college education, it is vital for the miners to have the ability to learn new things on the job while being in the mining field. It’s not just a job which can be done only though the knowledge gained from books, a little bit of theory in practice too is important.

Good Physical Condition-

Mining is a physical activity. To successfully perform their duties, miners must kneel, crouch, crawl and climb. Those in this profession must also be able to comfortable carry, push and pull large objects and heavy amounts of weight. Any mishap done in the mining field will affect both the relevant employee as well as the others. And it is the employer’s responsibility to safe guards the miners and to see to the fact that they are provided with safe work conditions and all the health and safety practices are implemented at the sites. So good physical conditions as well as good health conditions are vital for a miner to withstand the work load and perform in the best level without harming himself as well.

Willingness to work long hours-

Some mining sites operate continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, those who seek to enter this field must be open to working non-traditional hours. Additionally, when sites are located in remote areas, employees may be required to work up to 12 hours per shift. People applying for this job must be aware of this shift nature and be willing to work according to such.

Minimum Age Requirement-

In addition to all other technical and qualitative requirements, an applicant for a role as a miner must be at least 18 years old. This is a standard that is enforced uniformly across the mining industry.

39 What are your requirements for a mining job?